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How Do I Choose a Bicycle Accident Attorney?

As cyclists, we all know and love the many benefits of riding. A bike ride is a much needed break from the stresses we face day to day. It’s great exercise. It’s fun and it keeps us young. Unfortunately, it can put those of us on the bicycle in harms way. If you find yourself involved in a bike accident in California involving a motor vehicle, how do you choose the right bicycle accident attorney?

Does the law firm specialize in bicycle injury law?

Countless personal injury lawyers are readily available for your legal representation, but how much does the firm in question know about cycling law? EB Cycling Law not only specializes in bicycle injury law, but we are bicycle advocates. To say rider safety is an obsession of ours, may be an understatement. You can read our San Diego County Bicycle Crashes Study, for further proof of this claim. We are a sponsor of the Jelly Belly Professional Cycling Team P/B Maxxis, San Diego’s Swami’s Cycling Club,  and also partner with and support Rider Safety Visibility.

How long has the firm been in practice, and what is their success rate?

It’s a cliche, but personal injury lawyers are a dime a dozen. Considering the incredible volume of attorneys available, it should be no surprise that there are only a handful considered by the legal community as experts in their discipline. With over 20 years of experience and a 99% success rate, EB Cycling Law is an authority in the personal injury field. From our AAA rating from The Attorney Search Network, a California State Bar certified lawyer referral service, to our client’s testimonials, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest caliber legal service from EB Cycling Law.

How do you feel about the lawyer and their firm in general?

When you schedule a consultation, how does the process leave you feeling? If you’ve met with an attorney, did you feel they listened to you? Do you trust them? Do you feel they care about you and see you as more than just another client? These are all aspects we at EB Cycling Law take to heart. We understand the frustration, pain, and confusion that follows a bicycle accident. The last thing you should have to worry about is your legal counsel. We strive to make the process as simple and hassle free for our clients as possible.

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