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What Types of Bike Cases Do We Handle?

Mike Bomberger, partner of EB Cycling Law is an avid bicyclist that rides several hundred miles a week and occasionally races. Mike has personally encountered almost all types of dangerous situations that a cyclist can encounter while bicycling on the road. This coupled with the hundreds of cyclists that we have represented at EB Cycling Law gives us unparalleled experience in representing cyclists for the following types of accidents:

Bike v. Motor Vehicles (car, truck, bus or motorcycle)

Approximately 90% of bike accidents handled by EB Cycling Law arise from a collision with a motor vehicle. The most common accidents we see at EB Cycling Law are:

  • Motorist sideswiping a bicyclist as they pass the cyclists
  • Motorist rear-ending or striking a bicyclist from behind
  • Motorist turning right in front of a cyclist in a bike path violating the right-of-way
  • Motorist turning left in front of an oncoming cyclist violating the right-of-way
  • Motorist making a U-turn in front of a cyclist violating the bicyclist’s right-of-way
  • Motorist violating cyclist’s right of way
  • Motorist turning or changing lanes without signaling or warning
  • T Bone collision where a motorist pulls out from a side street or driveway violating the bicyclist’s right-of-way
  • Parked car door suddenly opening
  • Car or truck failing to stop at a stop sign or light causing a collision with the bicyclist
  • Up to 17% of accidents are caused by a motor vehicle causing a cyclist to swerve

Street defects

Up to 13% of accidents are caused by

  • Insufficient pathways/roadways
  • Dangerous road conditions
  • Uneven pavement
  • Potholes
  • Construction that includes uneven pavement or metal plates

Dogs running in front of cyclists or attacking cyclists while riding

Road debris or obstacles

  • Car parts, bumpers or other residues from accidents
  • Miscellaneous items on the roadway
  • Storm drain covers

Bicycle equipment failure (Product liability)

There are three major components of product liability lawsuits:

  • Design defect
  • Manufacturing defect
  • Failure to warn

The most common product liability suits for bikes involve wheels, fork, and frame. There have been many recalls based on defects associated with bicycles and their related components. If your equipment fails, you may have a product defect claim.

Bike v. Bike

  • These types of accidents less commonly result in severe injuries

Wrongful Death resulting from bike accident

The most serious type of injury from a bicyclist hit by car or truck is a case that results in death to the bicyclist. These cases are called wrongful death bicycle accident cases. 

EB Cycling Law represents people with many types of injuries that result from bicycle accidents. More information regarding the types of injuries that we have represented cyclists for is found at our Bicycle Injuries page.


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