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Choosing The Right Lawyer

With all the joy riding offers cyclists, it also exposes us to the potential for injury on countless times every time we take to the roads. We all witness an increasing number of distracted drivers, as people seem far more preoccupied with their phones than they do with driving. Add less than perfect road surfaces, and it’s a wonder we make it home in one piece sometimes. When a cyclist has fallen due to an unfortunate incident with a car or a road hazard that results in injury, they should consider legal representation. What sets EB Cycling Law apart from other law firms? 

we get more for our clients

You’ve seen them on television, buses, benches, and billboards. Many law firms spend tons of money on advertising, but they don’t obtain good settlements for their clients. Insurance companies and large corporations do their homework when it comes to the attorneys that bring cases against them. The better the track record of the firm, the more money these companies are willing to settle for. The larger the verdicts a firm has successfully obtained illustrates the proficiency and expertise of the attorney. This is especially true as it shows the law firm is willing and capable to go to trial. We are well known by our reputation to bring successful cases against companies, and are able to attain the best settlements for our clients.


Our firm has over twenty years of experience and expertise in the field of personal injury law. Many larger firms have a bevy of young associates handle personal injury cases. These young associates do not have the hours under their belt to bring their clients maximum settlements. Young associates at large firms aren’t paid as well as experienced litigators, and as in anything else, you get what you pay for. An experienced attorney will assist you in getting a larger settlement and a better result on your case.

small firm

Ask the law firm you are considering how many cases their attorneys handle at one time. Some handle anywhere from forty to two-hundred cases at one time! You can imagine how this kind of case load forces a lawyer to spend little time on each respective case. EB Cycling Law is selective in the cases we take on, allowing us a smaller volume for our attorneys. We devote more time to  your case, which without exception results in a better settlement for you.

respected by our peers

We would advise anyone to only hire an AV rated law firm. The Martindale Hubbell rating system is the oldest and best peer-reviewed system to evaluate attorney expertise and experience. This ensures they the attorney or law firm you’re seeking to hire has the minimum expertise to handle a personal injury case. Mike Bomberger is rated 10.0 Superb, by AVVO the highest granted.

There are many aspects to considering when selecting the right personal injury lawyer to represent your case. EB Cycling Law meets and exceeds all criteria. You can rest assured, Mike and his team will do all they can to give you the best legal representation possible. 

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